Prolint/proparse support for OE 11 keywords


I try to use prolint/proparse for newer OpenEdge 11 files that use new Syntax (like XML-NODE-TYPE on temp-tables).

I get the following error:

org.prorefactor.refactor.RefactorException: modules\posi\futura4\getarticles.p:42:3: unexpected token: XML-NODE-TYPE

I installed and downloaded current versions of prolint (release 74) and proparse ( version

Is this supposed to work?
Am I doing something wrong?
Syntax XML-NODE-TYPE should be supported for many years already?
Is prolint/proparse project dead?

Integrate Prolint on Open Edge 11.5

Hi all,
Can somebody help me with the steps for using Prolint in OpenEdge 11.5 ?

Thank you !

Does anybody uses Prolint with ActiveX

I try to use the newest version of Prolint which uses ActiveX. And cannot get it working with MSCOMCTL.OCX.
I need to know if anybody got it working on OpenEdgee is in 11.5.

Prolint setup in Pro*Tools

Prolint setup in Pro*Tools

Prolint Installation Guide (Windows)

This is a generic installation guide slightly modified from an actual installation. Please update as you see fit. Please keep in mind, we would like this to be generic enough so it can be used by all. The guide is written in MS Word.

java.lang.SecurityException: Request for the permission of type 'System.Security.Permissions.FileIOPermission, mscorlib, Version

This error can arise if you are trying to run the Proparse dll files across a network without adequate access for the dll. For example, if you run Prolint from c:\prolint, but your dll files are located on a mapped drive e:\assemblies, you may get this error. Putting the dll files (assemblies from Proparse) on your local PC should avoid this error - unless you have limited access even on your PC.

Prolint 70 is now available

Prolint 70 is now available! Note: It requires ProParse 3.1a released in April 2007.

This release is all about the Prolint database. It provides a session identifier with any lint session, like Progress Profiler’s Profiler ID, so that you can compare sessions over time. This allows you to see the improvement (or the opposite) over time as people work on the code.


I've started work on a Prolint plug-in for Eclipse, but just written in Java, rather than ABL. Because it relies a lot on ProRefactor, I've just included my work so far in the ProRefactor SVN repository.

The Prolint/Eclipse page in the Prolint book is where you can find a bit more information and maybe a couple of pretty pictures. :)

Prolint/Eclipse Problems View

Prolint/Eclipse Problems View

Once Prolint problems have been found, problem markers are created in Eclipse. These markers can be sorted and filtered. Clicking on a marker in the Problems view opens an editor to the right line and highlights the problem code.

Prolint/Eclipse menu choices

Prolint/Eclipse menu choices

There are two simple menu items for Prolint: one to find problems, and the other to clear the problem markers. Any combination of files, folders, and projects can be selected for these.

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