Prolint Installation Guide (Windows)

This is a generic installation guide slightly modified from an actual installation. Please update as you see fit. Please keep in mind, we would like this to be generic enough so it can be used by all. The guide is written in MS Word.

ProlintInstall_74.zip71.6 KB


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Installing Prolint

Thanks for the install guide. Needs a little work though, such as details about the assemblies.xml file.

Also instead of having a separate shortcut to run Prolint, I prefer to add it to Pro*Tools. To add Prolint to Pro*Tools, right-click on the the Pro*Tools window and choose Menu Bar. Then from the menu bar choose File -> Customize -> Add. Setup as shown. For the image use prolint/images/protools.bmp.

Prolint setup in Pro*ToolsProlint setup in Pro*Tools

-Tim Townsend