pro2myv2 amduus edition

Use of CLI tools for exporting of Progress schema and data to MySQL with Amduus modifications to Mark Newnham's Pro2myv2 Open Source tool.

The open source tool pro2myv2 has been modified by Amduus to be more UNIX oriented. (It originally was GUI oriented and can still be used in a GUI environment.) This way it can be used from a non-GUI environment and from cron for automatic data exporting and loading from Progress to MySQL.

Attn: This tool requires a developers or query license for the version of Progress it is being used on.

Attn: This tool has been tested for compatibility on Version 8, Version 9, and Version 10 of Progress.

The command exportschema.bash is used to export the schema of the database attached to via the -pf argument of the script. It will export the database as MYSQL_logicalnameofdb.SQL. This file can be directly imported into a MySQL database cluster via the mysql command.

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