Zammi application compiler

In the AppBuilder there is a propath compiler – of sorts. It is more like a collection of paths and it is up to the programmer to sort it all out. Once you move onto another project – that's right, you loose all those configurations should you need to come back.

This is something distinctly missing from the web based programming tools too. There doesn't seem to be a tool that will walk up and down the propath looking for HTML to convert and .p/.w's to compile. I have encountered applications with so many files in them, the File Tools in
Web Tools funks out if one tries to compile them all at the same time.

There are other propath based compilers out there – but often they are parts of other tools and that means a lot of baggage for one piece of functionality. I don't like to wade through a bunch of other stuff (often poorly documented) only to do 1% of what it is capable of doing. The UNIX way is to have a certain tool to do a certain piece of functionality.

Another thing is with the AppBuilder, one cannot have nightly compiles (aka “builds.”)
Sometimes it takes an hour or so to compile stuff up. Might as well do it at night and have a report made available in the morning.

Sometimes on a tricky install, you simply want to compile the whole works in case the client decides to add fields to tables, etc. on their own.

If you can understand a script similar to this:

./compile \
-propath "/appl/schdeve/work:/appl/schdeve/source" \
-xref \
-listing \
-dlc /prg/101a \
-pf /appl/schdeve/parm/

You pretty much have it under control.

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