pro2myv2 amduus edition

Use of CLI tools for exporting of Progress schema and data to MySQL with Amduus modifications to Mark Newnham's Pro2myv2 Open Source tool.

The open source tool pro2myv2 has been modified by Amduus to be more UNIX oriented. (It originally was GUI oriented and can still be used in a GUI environment.) This way it can be used from a non-GUI environment and from cron for automatic data exporting and loading from Progress to MySQL.

Attn: This tool requires a developers or query license for the version of Progress it is being used on.

pro2my or pro2myv2

Pro2My is a simple group of PROGRESS source code routines that can be run against any PROGRESS database greater than version 6 to produce a series of files containing MySQL format SQL statements. These files can be used to produce a MySQL database that is a mirror of the PROGRESS database. The routines provide a method of:

  • Extracting the data schema from the PROGRESS database
  • Checking and converting PROGRESS data to prevent MySQL database load errors.
  • Extracting the data from the PROGRESS database.


Interface for Progress 4GL to query mysql databases.
Functions work like they do in php.

code: browse the code in the Subversion repository

contributed by Matthew Lang

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