Cache manager

Often in web applications we will need to draw up a large set of result data stored in a table. This often takes a lot of time to pull out of the main tables, collate, and join together fields. This can become expensive on pages only meant to display a portion of the data at a time (the concept of “paging” the data so the web page is manageable to read.) By using a cache manager, it will be easier to store the result set to disk and use some procedures to pull back “pages” of data that we desire.
This manager can be used in Web 1.0 as well as in AJAX type web applications.


The cache manager is a persistent procedure. One can have many caches in a given program. This is achieved by merely creating new persistent procedures to store different result sets to be cached and manipulated.

We also need the cache manager to be flexible enough to handle multiple types of tables or temp-tables.
This code can handle both types though temp-tables will likely be most useful.

The cache manager will be able to store multiple types of fields and different collections of fields.

More documentation and the code are in the "amduus" repository: