Often I have needed to integrate Progress Databases with other applications. These applications have a horrible time talking to Progress. Yes, I know, “But, but, but there is the ODBC and JDBC connections!”
Well, that is nice if you are on Windows. I am on UNIX or some non-Progress supported operating system or using some form of middle-ware (read that as PHP, Perl, etc.) to make the integration with. Sometimes it has ODBC, sometimes it doesn't.
Sometimes it is a device that needs to interact with Progress DBs and the infrastructure just is not there.
I am also usually on a budget (hence no message-ware.)
If all you want to be able to do is open a connection to the database, throw some SQL statements to the thing, get some results and error information, and be done with it – then this is the software for you.
Hence this tool's creation. It most certainly can be improved upon – but it IS functional.

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