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HtmlDict is a v8/9/10 compatible metaschema web page creator. These programs allow you to map some or all connected databases into a series of web pages. The top page shows all processed databases, the next level shows all tables within a database, and the last level shows all fields within a table. All table pages are linked to the Next and Previous page, and back to the level above. Additionally, a field cross index, a sequence list and an area overview is generated and linked in to the database and table pages.

This set of pages is an easy way to see all the fields, tables, and databases with all relevant details for coding, without switching to the data dictionary.

HtmlDict is based on the updated version from 3 oct 2002 from Jeff Pilant, which, in turn, was based on the original version from Tom Bascom, dated 11 jan 1996. Many thanks go to these guys for the basic idea.

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