Quick ABL Tips And Tricks

When you are looking for a way to improve the maintainability, the efficiency, the speed, the general quality of your ABL code or for new ways to do things through small changes easily implemented, here is the place to look for.

This place gathers information that is lost deep in the OpenEdge documentation, that comes from around the OpenEdge web or that is directly generated from the brain of the one who submits it.

These tips and tricks can be useful when you write new code and/or when you are refactoring or modernizing existing code.

Some entries will be old stuff to some, but if it's here, it's that at least someone found this information useful in his ABL coding work.

As a side note for speed tips, it is also good to know that faster code constructs can often result in smaller .r files thus providing an additional speed gain (file load time).


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john's picture

Re: Quick ABL Tips

These are excellent - thanks for sharing them!

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Re: Quick ABL Tips

I love these samples too, but strictly from a navigation perspective I would prefer them in the "ABL(4GL) General Programming Group" instead of the "Hive group".
The "Hive group" was intended to collaborate and/or complain about how this website works.


I changed the group to "ABL(4GL) General Programming Group".