Show Persistent Objects of ABL Session

A Form (needs 10.2A+) that shows all persistent objects in the session (useful for quick visual for memory or memory leak troubleshooting).

You can run the attached file with

DEFINE VARIABLE objShowPersistentObjects AS CLASS ShowPersistentObjects NO-UNDO.
objShowPersistentObjects = NEW ShowPersistentObjects().

while your program is running and each time you'll click back on the ShowPersistentObjects Form, the Form will be refreshed and show you the objects that are currently loaded in memory.

The program calls:


to try to force .NET garbage collection before it shows the objects that are still in memory.

ShowPersistentObjects screenshot.JPG148.15 KB
ShowPersistentObjects.cls-1.1.zip5.32 KB


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Missing dependancies

When I try to execute using OE10.2B01 I get following error
Error (Press HELP to view stack trace)
Could not find class or interface pt.OERA.SILFunction. (12886)
** \tools\oehive\ShowPersistentObjects.cls Could not understand line 89. (196)
OK Help

\tools is in my propath.

Carl Verbiest

removed reference to SILFunction

I removed all the references to SILFunction