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OpenEdge Database Advisor

The OpenEdge Database Advisor is intended to provide a quick checkup for common database configuration issues. Obviously proper tuning for an application requires much more than any tool can provide, but the advisor should highlight some of the most common low hanging fruit.

For best results you will need a recent database analysis file (proutil -C dbanalys) and you should run this against your production database. A large portion of the suggestions will be based on VST information that will differ greatly between your production and test environments.

promon Performance Indicators

promon Performance Indicators

Starting new with a company and working performance issue. Been awhile since I did any DBA stuff. Anyway just some existing db spec:

db size in 12GB on disk
BI size is 13GB on disk
lg size is 7GB on disk - lg born Oct 18 2011
Before-Image Cluster Size: 524288
Before-Image Block Size: 8192

I don't see any BI Truncate lg entries

Online backup only - with the history of the BI file should I expect backup performance issues due to: BI size, BI Cluster size, BI never truncated, all of the above or more?

appserver log file monitoring

Hi All:
Am putting together a list of log files generated by progress that contain specific items/events that are of interest to a DBA. I have the db log file ads0.exp etc. However I was wondering if anyone has any views on the contents of the appserver log files (broker and/or server).

Mostly I leave the contents of those files to the developers so they can work out when their code is not working as expected. Anyone have any advice or suggestions of specific issue that may be logged in those files from a DBA point of view??



monitoring activities

In my daily activity as a progress dba what are the monitoring activities has to be done in progress database using promon pls


Anybody know how to set up/use datadigger? I've tried with the connection string in the readme.txt file and am getting an error.

I am new to OpenEdge and don't know much about any of their tools. I am very familiar with SQL and to some extent Oracle.

Error I'm getting is:
R-code file not located for "c:\datadigger\datadigger.p" (473)
** Unable to run startup procedure c:\datadigger\datadigger.p. (492)

Installation help

I am unable to get datadigger running.
I have no documentation other than the 3 lines contained in readme.txt
The error is:
R-code file not located for "c:\datadigger\datadigger.p" (473)
** Unable to run startup procedure c:\datadigger\datadigger.p. (492)

Here is my startup line pointing to prowin32.exe:
c:\IS21\Progress\bin\prowin32.exe -basekey "INI" -p c:\datadigger\DataDigger.p

can more CPU introduce performance issues?

I was talking to my managers about the new hardware configurations and I mentioned that for test like readprobe, more CPU can introduce issues,and I think everyone of them was holding their breath and thinking "what is this guy talking about?". but the fact is that more CPU don't always means better performance.

DBA jobs

It's obvious all of you have a lot of talent and skill when it comes to working with Openedge and Progress.
I'm currently searching for someone with your experience for a job opportunity I have available.
I'm here to connect you and your friends with opportunities to touch the technology love and make money doing it.
So if any of you are interested in taking a DBA job in Reston, VA or Canonsburg,PA the company is a $4 billion dollar company. They are growing fast and need someone ASAP.
I appreciate any advice you guys have on finding people.
Best wishes,

testing with QA

One of the frustrating tasks can easily be the testing. When you are developer, you are asked to do the unit test and sometimes system testing, the full scaled test. It is a tricky thing in my opinion and here is why. When you are programing, you are confined within the parameters, usually the business requirement, things like with this rule with this condition, and those baselines, I need the program to produce this result or range of results. But when you are done, you are facing the whole another range of test, the system test.

The chronicle of performance tuning

In this particular place, now I look back and think back, in the span of two to three years, how the infrastructure has changed with performance tuning effort...

Network messages in Progress

one of the big factors I noticed when I was doing the test to move the users from the share-memory connect to the remote-client connect, was the network messages. I never paid close attention to how they are used or how big those messages(packets) are. In the test servers, after I moved the users to the frontends, the CPU on the database server didn't seem to drop at all, one thing I noticed was the system CPU was a lot higher than the user CPU in the vmstat output which was not what I wanted to see.

Database Performance

On a request from a client to decrease the numbers of extents on a database we restructured the database with larger extents using a new structured file. But now the client is complaining about database performance. Is really possible?


performance charts

I never use OE managment before, not sure if there is a web version and I think web version has an edge when it comes to monitoring. The first version of charts I built was on OFC(open flesh chart), it is a great open app. It has more updated version now, working more with JSON(if I remember it correctly). One thing I needed and it doens't have is the abablity to see the trends unless you draw it, that's something Google charts can provide. Have you ever noticed on the google finance charts, the annotatedtimeline chart.

DB Re-org and automation

The last project I was doing for this company was database reorganization, to remove the unwanted tables/extents/areas . The task was to get rid of the areas and free up the SAN space. First I went through the process the analysis of data see which table in which area; which way I should should move to make the whole thing more effective; after that, it is the process of testing which methods I should use to move the tables to different areas, table move or dump&load.


This will the summary of my experiences in last couple of years over ports in Progress (and AIX).

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