Proparse Utilities

Having started to use Proparse as a part of ABL2DB, I have created several utilities for Proparse, either to call from ABL2DB or to provide information to use in development of ABL2DB. Since these utilities might be useful to someone doing other development with Proparse, I am documenting them here. For now, they are available as a part of the ABL2DB distribution. If there was demand, I could package them separately. All are published in the com.cintegrity.Proparse package.

DocSchemaFromDB.cls - Creates proparse.schema from attached DBs in the fashion of the old schemadump1.p and schemadump2.p. Uses DumpOneSchema.cls.

DocSchemaFromDF.cls - Work in Progress - Creates proparse.schema from .df files. This function is currently performed in the context of ABL2DB by BuildSchemaDF which processes .df files and simultaneously builds both the ABL2DB schema tables and the proparse.schema.

SetEnvironment.cls - Creates the Environment for Proparse.

SetSchemaFromFile.cls - Loads the proparse.schema into the Proparse Schema object at runtime.

SharedInfoLister.cls - Creates a report on a single compile unit showing all of the shared objects. sharedinfo_launch.p is the launch program.

TestScanner.cls - Looks through all specified source directories looking for things that look like compile units and attempts to compile them. If they compile, it does a minimal Proparse run on the file. The purpose is to identify if there is any syntax in the source files which Proparse does not yet support so that one can work on getting that supported. TestScanner.p is the launch program. This uses BuildDirectoryTree.cls from ABL2DB and ScanOneCU.

TokenLister.cls - Parses a single compile units and produces a report showing the parse tree. Handy for developing ABL code to walk new syntax. tokenlist_launch.p is the launch program.