Roadmap & Wish List

Some of the items on the roadmap include:

  • Block Resolution – Map blocks to Compile SubUnits and create Run and Table Compile SubUnit Links.
  • Persistent Resolution – Find unresolved calls which can be resolved to persistent and super procedures.
  • Load Saved Dynamic Calls – Resolve fresh load from resolutions saved previously.
  • Unresolved Dynamic Call Report.
  • Manual Dynamic Call resolution.
  • Mapping of Symbol (variable, buffer, etc.) to Scope and Block
  • Tracking of non-shared symbols.
  • Collecting WHERE clause
  • Unused Code report.
  • Tracking assembly usage.
  • Tracking of temp-tables defined without the NO-UNDO option.

Following are some items which are not specifically on the roadmap yet, but which have been requested and are being considered:

  • Empirical mappings of file to file links, i.e., how connections are made between tables in the actual code.
  • Linking of DB columns and variables to frames.