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Titlesort iconSubscribersDescription
ABHack Group62ABHack Group needs a description!
ABL(4GL) General Programming Group1811Code snippets, examples, utility programs, tricks, techniques, and patterns.
ABL2DB & ABL2UML Group33Group for news on ABL2DB and ABL2UML
Adverts and Commercial Group322Adverts and commercial materials may be posted here.
BC PUG525British Columbia (Canada) PUG
Book Corner387Review and recommend software industry books
Codeparse group879Discussion group for code parsing, analysis, documentation, etc.
Community372Content about Progress communities - PUGs, meetings, etc.
DBA Group393Issues related to management of the database - design and deployment, including performance
Development Tools Group1314A group for keeping track of Development Tools for ABL
Exchange and PTW290This is a group for blog entries and the like, reporting on Progress Exchange and PTW conferences
Hive group1177Discussion and work on The Hive itself
Jobs Group704Jobs, work, resumes, and more
Maia116Group for discussing the Maia code generator from dot.r
Miscellaneous Group806If you don't have a group for the content you want to post, then this might be the right one.
NorCal PUG211Northern California Progress Users' Group
Object-Oriented ABL Techniques1151Best practice, tips, and techniques for utilizing the object-oriented features in ABL starting with version OE 10.1
OERA Group800OpenEdge Reference Architecture Group
OERA OSI Group346OERA Open Source Initiative
PDF Include1103Generate PDF documents from 4GL/ABL
ProED4W7Integrate with the "ED for Windows" editor
Prolint781Prolint is a tool for automated source code review of Progress 4GL code. It reads one or more sourcefiles and examines it for bad programming practice
Proparse Group513Joanju's 4gl/ABL parser
PUG Challenge Americas193PUG Challenge Americas conference
Sandbox697A place to play
UML Group563A group for all Hive content related to UML and modeling of ABL code
Win32 API samples1165the Windows API reference library, formerly known as