You must be subscribed to the Sandbox in order to use it for playing or for tentative work. We use this group because all nodes require a group "audience". Use this Sandbox as the audience if you are just playing or if you are not yet ready to publish the nodes you are creating. If you decide to publish your node, you can change it to another group (other than Sandbox), and request that your new node be referenced from some existing node on the Hive.



libxlsx Project

Hi all.

Does anyone know what happend to the libxlsx project?


ABLaUML 0.8.0

Size: 69.61 KB
md5_file hash: deb38d9a3597a1fc4a97ebf31c84ab67
First released: Tue, 2012-06-05 11:02

Original release.

Need OpenEdge on-line certification


Is there any on-line certification (free/pay) for OpenEdge any varion?

Sridevi Stalin

Step 4: UML transfer

transferencia a EAP para poder trabajar

Incremental building

Generalmente es más saludable una construcción incremental.

Step 3: XML processing (UML generation)

ejecutar ns_startup.p

Step 2: XML generation

correr ns_startup.p y generar xml

Step 1: Data gathering

procesar XREF

UML Generation

ejecutar ns_startup.p, luego de modificarlo

oehive 'Sandbox' test topic

Testing newly created topic for assignment to appropriate O.Group and email notification.


john sandbox

alon sandbox

Alon test project in Sandbox group

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