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This Group is for the posting of adverts and commercial materials. This is the only Group on the Hive where this is allowed. Posting commercial material here is currently free, as long as it is obvious to the Hive editors exactly why the commercial material is of concern to Progress users.

iPhone reporting for Progress

Have you also been thinking and discussing about having your own iPhone Apps to provide reporting features to your customers or clients .
Stop dreaming and talking about it!

Because starting from a few dollars per month you can start using our cloud solution.
Or for a very reasonable amount you can also get the full software package including instructions and documentation to install and run completely on your own network!

libxlsx Project

Hi all.

Does anyone know what happend to the libxlsx project?


Exit button


I am new in progress OE10 programing, I am makeing some king of database and I need the code to make an EXIT button... a suposse it is not complicated but I simply do not know how to write the code and I can not find it on any forum.


Print versions of the Progress E-Zines are now available

It has been noted that once something is on the internet, it is there forever. Apparently, this is somewhat wrong for certain types of information. The Progress E-Zine collection continues to be available on the internet, but often it is tucked away in corners that are hard to find.

With this in mind, a three volume set of the E-Zines in bound printed form are now available. No more binders full of printer paper versions of the monographs, simply reach into the book shelf for the bound copy and enjoy.

The books can be purchased from these locations:

Book on object oriented programming available

I have a book on object oriented programming in the ABL language available at

Federal Contracts Database

For those who may be looking for something to do, perhaps this can be a lead. There is going to be a lot of work available through the government! If you nab one, don't forget who alerted you to it.

An inexpensive means of product research

I was watching the Charlie Rose interview with Marc Andreessen and he mentioned an interesting and inexpensive means of product marketing research.

Google Adwords.

Before even laying down a stitch of code, go out and buy some ad words based on the features or industry or demographic for your product. It doesn't have to even go to a real page (of course you probably don't want to screw your domain so use another) - just use the web site to pick up on how much interest there is in that product.

See the interview here:

Object Oriented Programming Book Available

Discussions Of Object Oriented Programming In Progress OpenEdge 10.1x

Security of the ABL language

Upon reading the blogs at (or - I can't remember) I came across a PDF report on safe coding practices (which can be found here ).

While the PDF has some ideas on management oriented safe practices, it does delve a little into safe practices regarding technology. What it doesn't is how it applies to ABL coding.

expertise in progress platform

As to my earlier post, I have already talked about old progress based character conversion to GUI or latest web applications like, .Net or xaml. Today I am talking about Javra as expertise in progress based applications and platforms.

Few more Features of X/E Files

This is a continuation from previous, listing some more of the features of X/E Files,

Speed-Up Development
Give developers a head start. The X/E Files offer a full range of pragmatic and proven standard capabilities.

Dynamic Menu Structure
Menus and their corresponding programs are stored in the Repository. Simply by adding a program in a menu and restarting the program the new program is active. It is also possible to define menus that are visible with all programs.

Features of X/E Files

Here are some of the features of X/E Files tool developed by Javra Software, (

The X/E Files is written in pure Progress 4GL. No other components are needed. Programs that were created in the first version of the X/E files are still running today without changes; and those programs are running with the most modern user interfaces. As we upgrade X/E files to employ the latest user interface technologies your existing applications can make use of these user interfaces effortlessly.

Benefits of X/E Files

As I mentioned in my earlier posts,, Some advantages of X/E Files are listed below:

• Enables Legacy Applications to be quickly and cheaply enhanced and revitalized.
• Enables rapid development of various user interfaces: GUI, Web and XAML.
• Improves reliability in development.
• Enables internationalization.

More can be viewed from as well.

Character based progress applications into GUI/ web applications

Transform legacy character based applications into modern GUI or Web applications:-
The X/E Files software development platform enables organizations (both small and large) to economically build and maintain their IT systems. The X/E Files is a tool that enables rapid development of Progress applications. The tool can be employed equally in new systems development as well as in the enhancement and upgrade of existing (legacy) systems.

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