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Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick Meerkat

Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick Meerkat

Bases de Datos

English version
Se utilizan dos bases de datos (por lo menos), la base para los datos respecto del código ABL (xrefsrc) y la base para el repositorio UML (Repository).
Como archivos adjuntos se encuentra el archivo de definición de xrefsrc, la base del repositorio es un tema aparte (bastante complicado) que puede verse en la información de ABL2UML.

Para la base de repositorio, si se utiliza la estructura original provista, es necesario cambiar el tipo de FIXCHAR a CHARACTER para algunos campos en

Ejemplo de Generación de UML

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En los archivos adjuntos se encuentran los datos correspondientes a las tablas de la base de datos xrefsrc, los xml generados a partir de estos datos y la exportación a EAP de cada etapa de la generación.

  1. Luego de cargar la base de datos xrefsrc con los .d de xrfdat y xrfprg, se ejecuta com/nomadesoft/ns_startup.p y se responde que sí a la generación del xml
    1. No generar el xml del modelo de datos.
    2. Aceptar la generación del xml de xref:

ABLaUML (español)

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ABLaUML es un trabajo derivado de ABL2UML ( de Thomas Mercer-Hursh (
Lo que se hizo fue tomar ABL2UML y utilizarlo para modelar sistemas procedimentales heredados. Para ello se modificó el código original convirtiéndolo a código orientado a objetos, cambiando el modelo de generación monolítico en uno de generación en etapas discretas secuenciales.

UML Generation Example

Version en español

The attached files includes xrefsrc database tables data, xml files generated with this data and the EAP transfer of the generated UML (one for each generation step).

  1. After loading xrfdat and xrfprg with the provided data run com/nomadesoft/ns_startup.p and answer 'yes' to xml generation question (first question):
    1. Don't generate data model xml.
    2. Do generate xref xml:
      1. Choose if you want readable xml or not (continous stream, important only for alias.xml)


Version en español

Two databases are used (at least), one for ABL code information (xrefsrc) and the UML repository database (Repository).

Attached are the xrefsrc database tables definitions, repository sql definition (modified) and sql sequences creation (for repository db). Repository database creation is somehow complicated, and out of scope, you can see details in ABL2UML.


Versión en español

ABLaUML is an Thomas Mercer-Hursh ( ABL2UML ( derivative work.
We use ABLaUML to model legacy procedural systems. In order to do that we take the original code and convert it to object oriented code, changing the monolitic generation model into a model of discret succesive generation tasks.

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Why Do Companies Start Transformation Projects?

While development shops in companies with OpenEdge applications are as varied as development shops everywhere, there is a tendency for companies with OpenEdge applications to minimize their expenditures on computing. Ironically, this characteristic derives from the low cost of ownership of OpenEdge. Since it is rare for a company to require a full time DBA, as many databases need, the DBA role is a part time job for one of the developers.

Transformation Blog

"Transformation" has become an increasing popular topic among Progress' Application Partners and end user customers with responsibility for their own legacy applications. This blog will be an on-going discussion of topics related to transformation including, but not limited to, different types of transformation, transformation strategies, transformation tools, and anything else which might help a company with a legacy ABL application decide how and what to modernize.

Modernizing Legacy Code - Getting Started

"Transformation" has become a popular term in the ABL for various kinds of application modernization -- moving to a new User Interface (UI), implementing a Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA), evolving toward the OpenEdge Reference Architecture (OERA), and other projects directed toward upgrading old versions of legacy ABL applictions. Today's ABL is just not the same language it was back 15-20 years ago when many ABL applications were first written and our ideas about good architecture have, if anything, evolved more than the language.

The Transformation Triangle

Transformation Triangle: For use in Transformation Triangle pageTransformation Triangle: For use in Transformation Triangle page

Transformation Triangle

Transformation Triangle

For use in Transformation Triangle page

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