Projects and Libraries on The Hive

This is a list of projects and libraries on The Hive. Some entries are of node type 'Project', and some use a different node type for their project or library front page. That is entirely up to the author.

To add a node of any type to this list, a node's 'Projects' category must be assigned to 'All Projects'. Please ask a Hive editor for assistance.

This URL: /node/add/project_project allows you to create a new Project node, with issue tracking etc. Like all other node types, a Project must be assigned to a Group.

To create a new node of any other sort (simple page, book, etc.), you must select a group first.

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Titlesort iconAuthor
4GL Thrown Exceptionsalonb
4GLTrace LOG-MANAGER Reportertimk519
ABHack Projectjice
ABL(4GL) General Code Samples Bookjohn
ABL2UML - Modeling Existing ABL Systems with UMLtamhas
API for the Progress Adapter for Fuse Message Brokerrichardkelters
Application performance profile viewerStefan
AutoEdge Issue Trackerjohn
Collection and Map Classes for OOABLtamhas
Date Picker in pure ABLmucip
Dynamic Transaction (record write,delete.create)jango
EmailTester2 (Read Receipts, Security Bypass)dayv2005
Generate include files for Windows constantstbergman
How to add a colored square in the titlebar through apiDries
Justus OpenEdge Toolsfcordova
Memoryleak inspectorStefan
New ASTjohn
OO Socket Sample Codejmls
OpenEdge Database AdvisorTheMadDBA Calc LibraryMat Nadrofsky
PDF Includejice
Procedure Managertimk519
Progress 4GL Wrapper for Zlib Librarymedu
Progress Fuse Adapter Documentationrichardkelters
Progress Fuse Adapter Projectrichardkelters
Proparse Bookjohn
Proparse-Based Utilitiesjohn
ProUnit Test Frameworkfcordova
Suprema Biomini Fingerprint scanneroctavioolguini
Table Block Mapping For Type I AreasTheMadDBA
Temp-table to COM Exceljango
Testing character values to see if they are integer, decimal or character values.dherrin
The DocxFactory Projectalonb
The Hive projectjohn2
Tool to report index selection analysis for a querystephen
User Linksjohn
Using the Progress Adapter for Fuse Message Brokerrichardkelters
Web Services Deploymentarellanoi
White Pages: Alphabetic listing of business web sitesjohn
Win32 API samplesjurjen