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OpenEdge Adapter for Fuse Message Broker


The OpenEdge Adapter for Fuse Message Broker enables connections from an
OpenEdge™ ABL application to Fuse™ Message Broker or Apache ActiveMQ (or
other messaging solution as described below). It consists of a number of ABL
classes that should be referenced in an ABL application that needs to exchange
messages with the outside world using one of the supported world class
messaging solutions.

This adapter takes care of message manipulation and communication over the
network with the message broker. There is no need to install or load external
libraries; it is a pure ABL solution.


  • Pure object-oriented ABL.
  • Uses a subset of the standard JMS API. That means your application
    uses well-known interfaces and operations to request the services of the
    adapter and the message broker.
  • Communicates using the STOMP
  • Tested with
    • Fuse™ Message Broker
    • Apache ActiveMQ
    • SonicMQ™ with StompConnect
  • All source code provided under the conditions of one of the most
    permissive open source licenses,
    the MIT-license.
  • Currently supports the following parts of the JMS standard:
    • connecting to a message broker anywhere in the network;
    • point-to-point messaging with Queue or publish/subscribe style
      messaging with Topic;
    • producing and consuming Message or TextMessage instances;
    • part of the standard JMS message headers (JMSMessageID,
    • JMS 1.1 unified messaging domain interfaces.

The product is usable, but development has not stopped. The initial
developers are still extending the list of features. The following aspects of
the JMS standard are feasible with the STOMP protocol, but not (fully)
supported yet.

  • sending and receiving BytesMessage instances;
  • other standard JMS message headers;
  • different DeliveryMode values;
  • message selectors;
  • JMS transactions;
  • durable subscriptions.


  • Developers who are familiar with standard messaging concepts and have
    some knowledge of the JMS API.
  • OpenEdge™ 10.2 or later. The initial developers consider creating a
    backport for OpenEdge™ 10.1C later.
  • Messaging product that communicates using the STOMP protocol, such as
    • Fuse™ Message Broker;
    • Apache ActiveMQ;
    • any other standard JMS provider (such as SonicMQ) with StompConnect. Such a
      configuration requires setting up and operating a separate server for
      the STOMP protocol, that communicates with the message broker using the
      standard JMS API. An implementation of the JMS API is available in
      libraries provided with the messaging system.

Installing and configuring the required products is not described here.
Please refer to the appropriate product documentation.

More information

Addtional documentation for the OpenEdge Adapter for Fuse Message Broker:

External documentation:

  • "Messaging
    and ESB
    " from the OpenEdge™ documentation (probably also available
    locally). This document provides an introduction to messaging with
    OpenEdge™ ABL and SonicMQ™. The introduction to general messaging
    concepts is useful. The programming model for the SonicMQ™ adapter is
    less relevant, because that software provides a product-specific approach,
    instead of the standard JMS API that is implemented by the OpenEdge Adapter
    for Fuse Message Broker.
  • JMS 1.1 API
    : details of the full JMS API, of which the OpenEdge
    Adapter for Fuse Message Broker implements a part. The part of the JMS API
    that is provided by the OpenEdge Adapter for Fuse Message Broker is
    described in a separate document in this

Alternative product:


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