PCT (Progress Compilation Tools) is a set of ANT tasks, designed to compile Progress® procedures and dump/load databases.

PCT is distributed under the Apache License.

This project was born due to the lack of automated Progress® code compiler. PCT is a command-line based tool, so it can be run in batch mode, to generate nightly builds for example. However, as PCT is a set of ANT tasks, your compilation tasks can be run using a graphical frontend to ANT.


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PCT Compiler won't report warnigs


I am wandering if somebody can help me to solve this issue.

If I compile using PDSOE compiler a program with transaction within another transaction, the warning will be reported:
“ ** WARNING--TRANSACTION keyword given within actual transaction level. (214)”.

PCT compiler will compile this program without any warnings and the *.warnings file won't be found anywhere on my system.

I want to enable PCT Compiler to behave the same as Progress compiler.


Hanna Boguslawska
IFDS Group

PCT and Warnings

I also noticed that and reported it at: https://github.com/Riverside-Software/pct/issues/202

I was told (and was able to confirm):
"There's unfortunately a bug in the COMPILE statement when using XML-XREF, as warnings are not raised by the compiler.
If you see .warnings files when using xmlXref=false, then you're just hit by this bug."

"The only time the .warnings file doesn't appear is when xmlXref="true". When this option is set to false, the .warnings file is generated."

Also, it was theorized that 11.7 should fix this issue, but I have not had the time to confirm this.

Doug Wild

PCT 0.14 && Tasks names

Happy new year to OEHive users !

A quick reminder to PCT users : 0.14 was released a month ago, and you should definetely give it a try if you're using an older version, or if you haven't used it yet and would like to automate your builds.

I'd also like to get your inputs on task names (mainly from native english speakers). Tasks were previously named PCTTaskName, which is quite ugly. As I'm adding support for XML namespaces, I'd like to use this opportunity to rename tasks (the previous names will be kept, don't worry).
For example, what would be the best name for PCTCompile : pct:compile ? pct:compilation ? pct:compiler ? Just remember I'll use XML namespaces, so the 'pct:' is mandatory (but it could be any prefix).
I've a few ideas for PCTRun (pct:exec), PCTCreateDatabase (pct:createDB) or PCTLibrary (pct:library), but I'd like advices from native english speakers...

As a last point, any ideas on how to improve PCT ? New tasks, integration with other tools...


Re: PCT 0.14 && Tasks names

Hey Gilles,

I think it is better to have task names that are verbs, so I'd stick with "pct:compile" rather than "pct:[compilation|compiler]".

In terms of new features/enhancements, there's only one I can think of at the moment:

It would be nice to have the ability to use the PCTCompile task, but not actually save the generated RCode files. Something like:

with saveRCode and destDir attributes being mutually exclusive.

There's a couple of things that we do manually via and calls:
- generate XPXG files for ProxyGen by including all procedures in a directory
- prostrct repair on a database copied via the filesystem
- dump/load sequences

Not sure if they would belong in the PCT set.

Daniel B.

PCT 0.12 available

I just unleashed 0.12. Changelog is available at http://pct.sourceforge.net/changelog.html
Feedback welcome !