Issues for Proparse Project

SummaryStatusPriorityCategoryLast updatedsort iconAssigned to
Support for OpenEdge 11.x language constructsactivenormalfeature request4 years 17 weeks
Problem org.prorefactor.refactor.RefactorExceptionactivenormalsupport request4 years 20 weeks
proparse does not allow parentheses after publish/activenormalbug report6 years 22 weeksjohn
XML-NODE-NAME not recognizedactivenormalbug report6 years 22 weeksjohn
.net proparse is hung when meets 12 nested IF...THactivenormalbug report6 years 37 weeksjohn
Support for Open Edge 10.1C new keywordsactivenormalfeature request7 years 44 weeks
PUBTest unit test fails with current APIfixedminorbug report8 years 5 weeks gives "System.Security.Permissions.Fiactivenormalsupport request8 years 20 weeks
Proparse and include fileactivenormalsupport request8 years 21 weeks
parsing fails for buffer on temp-table if table wiactivecriticalbug report8 years 45 weeks
proparsing adm2/browser.pactivenormalbug report8 years 45 weeks
DBTYPE function in preprocessor expression causes activenormalbug report9 years 25 weeks
GET does not require parensactivenormalbug report10 years 6 weeks
trim function in preprocessor directiveactivenormalbug report10 years 13 weeks
Procedurename with number and @activenormalbug report10 years 21 weeks
Buffer handle parse erroractivenormalbug report11 years 14 weeks
Format option of STRING function is not yet supporactiveminorbug report11 years 33 weeks
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