site tools

On "The Hive" you can find Progress related projects, discuss and collaborate, or start your own project and invite others to join you.
Several site tools are available to you:


A project is a database for issues, bugtracking, and feature requests.
"releases" is currently broken, hopefully fixed with next version of this optional module. Fortunately, you can add attachments to almost everything.


Group is a tool that facilitates collaboration among people that share an interest. Each group has:
- discussion forum with optional integrated emailing list
- subscribers to the group may receive notifications of new content
- all non-group nodes (ex: pages, blogs) are associated with one or more group nodes
- the group node itself lists recently added nodes associated with this group node

When you are subscribed to a group and have notifications enabled, you will receive an e-mail whenever someone adds something to the group.

User Links

In User Links (see here) you can build a database of links to external websites and add descriptions to them - which will be found by the Search function. With enough projects, groups and links to Progress related content, the Hive will be the one-stop shop when you are searching for anything Progress.

Version Control

We can set up Subversion repositories for your group or project.


You can add comments to almost everything, which means that almost everything can behave like a Forum discussion.
But if you don't like that, you can also disallow comments on your pages.

Page and Book Page

Both are just pages, with a title and a body and optional comments. Both Pages and Book Pages can be added to a Book outline, the only difference is that a "Page" can stand alone without a book, while a "Book Page" is always bound to a book. Or: if a Book Page is not in a book, then it IS a book and gets listed in the list of books at This is what we don't want unless the Book Page actually does have child pages.


Not a node type in itself, but is an arrangement of nodes. A book gets its own left column navigation menu. Nodes of pretty much any type (even a Group node or a Project node or a Forum topic) can be added to a book/outline.


Image nodes are necessary for showing images inline within other node types. Image nodes can also be arranged in picture galleries although we have not configured that.


a Story is similar to a Page: it has a title and a body and not much more. Stories do not show their author and their DateTime of last change, so we think that the Story type is not adequate for anyone but site administrators.