The OEHive administrators maintain a mirror of the site in case of disaster, but EVERY CONTRIBUTOR AND PROJECT ADMINISTRATOR IS RESPONSIBLE FOR BACKING UP THEIR OWN DATA.

Here's what you have to do:

  • Keep a local copy of anything you upload.
  • If you use a Subversion repository, back it up with rsync (see below)
  • Use rsync to back up any "nodes" that you are author of.

Ideally, you should set up an automated script to update your own mirror of your own data once per day.

You have read-only access to a backup of the databases. OEHive performs its backup of the Subversion and MySQL databases at 19:30 Mountain Time (GMT-7). It would be best not to run rsync at the same time.

Subversion backup mirror example (substitute "prostyle" with your own project name):

rsync --port=1873 -Lr .

What follows is how to mirror the text (complete with markup) from your nodes.
To get your user ID, click on "my account" and look at the user number in the URL. It will be obvious. :) My user ID is 4, so here's an example backup command.

Change the 4 to your own user ID:

rsync --port=1873 -Lr .