iPhone reporting for Progress

Have you also been thinking and discussing about having your own iPhone Apps to provide reporting features to your customers or clients .
Stop dreaming and talking about it!

Because starting from a few dollars per month you can start using our cloud solution.
Or for a very reasonable amount you can also get the full software package including instructions and documentation to install and run completely on your own network!

Within a couple of days you can provide on all the iPhones or iPads any report you could think of from your system using the dynamic 4Efficiency ReportingApp in combination with our unique 4Efficiency Reporting Framework. Off course with full security by user or even by unique iPhones/iPads.

With a few clicks you can define your own reports in our specially created report builder, and provide them within an iPhone App to anyone anywhere you like. Any information from your system you would like to extract is possible to have available.

The result will be a nice looking report in for example PDF or Excel, which immediately can be shared by email or any other available other target the final user would like.

It will work with any Progress/OpenEdge database of any version 9.x, 10.x, 11.x.

If you would like to provide this feature to your customers using a Progress database or your company itself is using an application running on Progress, contact us and tomorrow you can have your first reports running in the cloud.
Or you can get the complete package and have full control on all functionality yourself.

You can try our App from the AppStore: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/4efficiency-queryapp/id695644738?mt=8

If you are interested and want more information you can also visit our website: http://www.4ef.nl/index.php/producten/ios-development

Kind regards,
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