The DocxFactory Project

DocxFactory is a free project for generating .DOCX files.

Features at a glance -

  • Simple to use - To create a .DOCX file, design a template (regular .DOCX file) and merge your data with the template using 4GL/ABL or from the command line. No technical knowledge of the .DOCX file format (Open XML) is required.
  • Powerful - Does a lot more than simply inserting values and creating simple letters, it allows you to truly create real world, sophisticated reports and includes barcodes, pictures, paging features and much more.

Word and Excel Utils Express Edition for UNIX/Linux r-code is Now Available

I've uploaded UNIX/Linux r-code versions for the Word and Excel utils express edition.

Please download the utilities and try the samples.

If you have any questions or requests please feel free to contact me.

Alon Blich
Phone: +972-54-2188086
Skype: alon.blich

Recent Excel and Word Utilities Updates and Future Plans

Recent Excel util updates -

- Added a template generator procedure (samples: samples/src/excel/create_template.p and create_template_dataset.p).

- Added support for datasets.

- Added automatic field mapping, if the Excel defined name is the same as the buffer field.

- Added borders, colors, fonts, formatting, alignment etc. styles settings (samples: samples/src/excel/set_styles.p).

Recent Word util updates -

- Added support and samples for pictures in the Word util.

Planned updates for the Word util -

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