Read Receipts, Delivery Receipts, Send on Behalf of with MAPI

I couldn't find anywhere to write a specific document on this so i figured I'd start it here till i found out where you post this stuff.

There was this puzzling feature we needed over here at our company. We spent numerous amount of time looking for this, not getting much help on the forums, i finally figured it out and figured i'd share it. If you already knew this sorry, if not i hope this helps.

Well here's the example i used.


Get rid of those annoying dialogs when sending emails through outlook

This Code sample i posted at progresstalk. I found a place where i could write a snippet and have others be able to access it easily.

This little trick (I translated it from some VB code) will help you get away with the windows dialogs when sending email through out look.

I'm not a big user of SMTPMail.p because we have smtp disabled here, and we use MAPI. It seems like most people prefer SMTP. But i found a way to bypass outlook security. Get rid of those annoying windows dialogs that says another program is accessing outlook, do you allow this?

EmailTester2 (Read Receipts, Security Bypass)

This is my first project, it's really buggy at the moment and i would like the help from anyone willing to optimize this email program. I don't have any documentation or anything out yet i just wanted to use this to get it out and fix some problems.

Some of the main features at the moment are Read receipts delivery receipts, send on behalf of, and outlook Security bypass.

Im using the mapi email and using a redemption.dll to bypass security this is optional. This was created to test out some mailitem properties and then we decided to use it with our customer invoice reports.

Send e-mail through Progress


How do I send an email through Progress?


There are many solutions:

A1: Use the smtpmail.p program from www.freeframework.org

A2: os-command no-wait value("start mailto:bush@whitehouse.gov").

A3: see send email through Outlook using its COM-interface

A4: see for MAPI

A5: to send email through the COM-interface of Lotus Notes, see page 553


Some articles about how to send, or read e-mail from within Progress

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