Voleso HTML Templating Tool Open Sourced

The first time one needs to rework the HTML for look and feel in an application, one quickly learns about the need for separating the HTML from the application code. HTML Mapping was an attempt at this, however, there is still the need for a Progress Development License as well re-compiling on changed code.

Other languages have encountered this need – PHP with the Smarty template processor as well the various one's used in the C and C++ world. These processors do not require re-compiling and allow for HTML designers to work outside of the application code environment.

Video on setting up Webspeed on MS Windows

Since it is asked quite often in the Progess community how to set up a broker in the MS Widnows environment, here is a little video on how to accomplish this.

View the video at http://amduus.com/training/WebspeedBrokerOnWindows.html


What is it? A wiki for Webspeed or other Webspeed source code compliant alternatives
Where to get it? http://sourceforge.net/projects/wswiki/

Blue Diamond

Blue Diamond allows programmers familiar with Progress Software Corporation’s E4GL programming language and 4GL language to extend their applications to the web interface without the use of Webspeed Transaction Server or Webspeed Workshop.

VARs that use E4GL to construct their applications for Webspeed can modify those programs in a very simple manner to run it on Blue Diamond.

The BlueDiamond code and documentation is here: http://www.oehive.org/amduus/BlueDiamond/

ganimede - transaction server

The goal of this project is to make possible to access Progress database from any external program that can use sockets. The server (broker and agents) are written in Progress 4GL and made use of sockets capabilities of Progress V9.

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