Prolint not loading

I need help with using Prolint on Open Edge 11.5 - 64 bit.
I am trying to evaluate Prolint if it can be part of our development system. As I read about it, it looks very promising. Unfortunately I encountered problems with loading

In OpenEdge Developer Studio,On the project level (Project1), I have -assemblies assemblies in DB Startup Parameters.
I have also the xml file with all assemblies as they are specified on

When I start OpenEdge Developer Studio, the following error appears:

Could not load file or assembly, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=cda1b098b1034b24 or one of its dependencies. Project1 Unknown 1435077190594 928

and the is not loaded.

I'd like to know if anybody has it working for 11.5 - 64 bit.
I'll be very helpful for any hint.



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Re: Prolint not loading

Hi Hanna, the latest releases are now here:
Is that where you got Proparse from?
In case you haven't seen it, this is the most recent page describing how to use Proparse from OpenEdge:
I did try this build with 11.5, 64-bit. It worked for me. Hopefully one of these two links will help get you going.

RE: Prolint not loading

Thank you for your response. Yes, I got Proparse from, build 1117. I downloaded proparse.assemblies and unpacked it.

There are 3 files:
06/23/2015 08:22 AM 4,331,520 IKVM.OpenJDK.Core.dll
06/23/2015 08:22 AM 983,040 IKVM.Runtime.dll
06/23/2015 08:22 AM 11,800,064

Under my project, I created a folder called assemblies and copied these 3 files into it.

I created the assemblies.xml file in this foler also.

My project's Propath includes Project root directory. DB Startup parameters is set to -assemblies assemblies.

Judging by the error I am getting, OpenEdge Developer Studio sees assemblies.xml but cannot load
The error is:
Could not load file or assembly, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=cda1b098b1034b24 or one of its dependencies. Project1 Unknown 1435149828878 944

I hope you can point me in the right direction. Thank you

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Did you unblock the

Did you unblock the assemblies? See the Proparse installation document here

RE: Prolint not loading

Thank you a lot, Tamhas. You are right. My assemblies were locked.
I did unlock them right now and loaded properly.
I'd never figure it out by myself

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BTW, there is a Proparse

BTW, there is a Proparse forum, which is probably a better place for these questions.

RE: Prolint not loading

Hi Hanna,

I had similar problem with, with 11.4, please check if below solution works for you -

I have created related files and attached, copy same to respective dir, i.e. \bin\prowin32.exe.config, \bin\proasmref.exe.config and \jre\bin\javaw.exe.config

Ganesh Chandra

setup for new dll.zip909 bytes