We are getting a lot of null pointer exceptions where the call stack points at this code in org.prorefactor.treeparser.Variable.assignAttributesLike(

public void assignAttributesLike(Primative likePrim) {
dataType = likePrim.getDataType();
className = likePrim.getClassName();
extent = likePrim.getExtent();

where 44 is the call to getDataType(). Does this mean that it is encountering a LIKE definition for a data type that is not defined, i.e., new syntax?

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Gus mentions that LIKE on

Gus mentions that LIKE on method and function parameters is new in 11.x. I know you fixed the method one, but what about functions?

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Which said, I have been

Which said, I have been through one of the offending programs and there are no functions with LIKE parameters.

There is a lot of UIB stuff though.

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Note that finding the

Note that finding the offending type is not necessarily simple. The first program I looked in where this happens has 423 definitions using LIKE.

ProParserTokenTypes will show me all of the keywords, but is there an easy way to see specifically what datatypes are supported? All the ones I can think of as semi-recent additions like INT64, the DATETIMEs, xLOB, etc. seem to be there.