Use TTY for Runtime

With 11.5 PDSOE, I find that if I have the project and the run configuration with Use TTY for Runtime unchecked, Proparse works fine. But, if I have this flag checked, then it throws an error at the first reference to a Proparse .NET assembly. There is no error message, but the call stack points to the line with the first reference.

I have opened case 00313106 with Progress Tech Support as of 5/12/15, but thus far the support engineer seems unable to get Proparse to work in either mode. :{

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PSC tech support has now

PSC tech support has now logged a bug. They have reproduced the inability to run Proparse in TTY mode.

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Oh, and we may have a

Oh, and we may have a smoking gun in that a test .NET DLL which he made works in _progress, but does not work in PDSOE.

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Diagnosed! Defect

Diagnosed! Defect PSC00333342

It turns out that the box which says Use Project Settings does not work in TTY. But, if one manually adds the -assemblies parameter as an extra parameter, then it works fine.