Win32 API samples

This collection of code snippets used to be hosted on
It is an old collection: it all began in 1996 or 1997, when Progress 8 was new and many of us were still using Windows 3.1 !!
Unlike wine or paintings, program code doesn't get better when it ages. You can find fragments that can be improved because Microsoft continuously expands their API, or are outdated because Progress has added features to the ABL so we don't need to use the WIN32 API anymore.

Suprema Biomini Fingerprint scanner

Classes to access and enroll with Suprema's Biomini fingerprint scanners

How to Perform an HTTP Post using a REST API and Using the Msxml2 DLL

Hello all. Trying to perform an HTTP POST operation using the Msxml2 DLL and a JSON payload. From all documentation, research with other developers, etc. it appears that I have most everything correct, yet I am getting ISE's (500). Web service provider hasn't been any help with diagnosing, so I have been left to try to figure it out on my own.

What DOES work:

- All GET operations, using a small variant in URL, and returning the expected JSON response.

libxlsx Project

Hi all.

Does anyone know what happend to the libxlsx project?


enumprinters not returning network printers in win-7?

I've been using the enumprinters progress code example to get a list of available printers since windows NT... and I have some clients (and myself) running windows 7 without a problem, but I have a client who is now switching to win-7, and the enumprinters fails to include networked printers in the list of available printers.
Any ideas, what I am missing?

here's a portion of the code I am using...

SET-SIZE(pPrinterEnum) = 30.

RUN EnumPrinters{&A} IN THIS-PROCEDURE (6,"",2,

Word Automation "InsertFile" Method fails with Insufficient Memory error

I have a Word Automation issue that I haven't been able to get past. Our client has roughly 4 to 5 pages of rich text stored in our Progress OE 10 database that we haven't been able to insert into a new Word document using the InsertFile method. The text contains no images, tables, etc., just rich text. The process is not new, and the same client has used it hundreds or maybe thousands of times for the same purpose. The text size approaches the largest text size in use, but doesn't appear to be the largest. The most recent change to the data was to add "a few words".



Marginal Tiete - progress game

I made this game to emulate Atari's Grand Prix.
You can use this code to view how to use dynamic objects and other functions like includes, and methods.

1. Extract all files,
2. Select car.p and right click, choose RUN under window's context menu or open it with progress procedure editor.

Skype me jaison.antoniazzi for questions.

Enjoy :D

Best regards,
Jaison Antoniazzi

Library QuickPDF


I am upset with trying to use functions from this library in OE 10.2A (as external). QuickPDF is for making PDF documents.

Have you anybody experience with it?

The another way how to use it is through user's own dll library making in .NET (C#, C++) but I have no chance with success to call own defined functions in my library.

My tries end with message 'Could not find the entrypoint (3260)'

So please could you give me a help hand with a sample how to use own created library in OE?

((using 'user32.dll' and many other same kind is not problem))

How to set duplex mode to printer using WinApi function

Hi all,

Counld you please tell me how i can set duplex mode to default printer and check this mode on/off

Thanx in advance

How to get the printer port number using windows API call

Hi all,

Using the Windows API call, could you please tell us how to get the port number of the printer. Because while setting the value of activeprinter method/property of MS word 2007 it requires "printer name" on "port number".
The port number which we are trying to get by this method is equivalent to 'Session:printer-port"


Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick Meerkat

Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick Meerkat

Need OpenEdge on-line certification


Is there any on-line certification (free/pay) for OpenEdge any varion?

Sridevi Stalin

How to add a print button(using win32 api in c)?

If any one give me the suggestion for adding a printer button on dialog box.

please give me your constructive feedback.

How to do a post using the navigate method of web browser control?

I am trying to open a URL using webbrowser control by doing a HTTP POST with some xml data to the URL (instead of HTTP GET it normally does). However my code is not working:


create "InternetExplorer.Application" chExplorer.
chExplorer:menubar = false
chExplorer:addressbar = false

Treeview - Checkbox issue

I am using a Treeview control (version 6.0) and it doesn't appear
to have the ability to disable checkboxes or grey them out from what I
can tell (if I'm wrong, could someone tell me how?)

Since it doesn't, I'm at least trying to write code in the node click
event that will prevent the user from changing the value of the
checkbox when I need it to be disabled. So I have code that sets the
Checked status back to what it originally was before the user clicked
on that node.

The problem is that my code works fine, but that as soon as the event

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