Marginal Tiete - progress game

I made this game to emulate Atari's Grand Prix.
You can use this code to view how to use dynamic objects and other functions like includes, and methods.

1. Extract all files,
2. Select car.p and right click, choose RUN under window's context menu or open it with progress procedure editor.

Skype me jaison.antoniazzi for questions.

Enjoy :D

Best regards,
Jaison Antoniazzi

marginal tiete.zip52.93 KB
marginal_tiete.JPG31.44 KB


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Atlantis - Another Progress Game

another progress game for your enjoy \o/.

Like Atari´s Atlantis, use torpedos launchers to protect your civ's domes (Cursor left, cursor down or cursor right).

Running this game:
1. Extract all files,
2. Locate atlantis.p and right click, choose RUN on the window's context menu, or just open the atlantis.p program with progress procedure editor or appbuild. Yes, you need progress full version.

Have some questions, please, skype me jaison.antoniazzi.

Best regards,

Atlantis.zip1.46 MB