Hi all,

I am in the process of releasing Proparse under the terms of the Eclipse Public License. Think of it as a wee gift from Judy and I.

I am removing the license protection from the binary installer package on my web site, and I am loading Proparse's source up into a new SVN repository here on the Hive. I am creating a Project and a Group here on the Hive as well for issue tracking, etc.

It's probably going to be a bit sloppy at first, sorry about that. I'm pretty busy with a couple of customers at the moment.

Many thanks to all our great customers who have purchased Proparse licenses. Your business has allowed us to develop further offerings such as ProRefactor, Analyst, and more. As always, we offer full credit on upgrades to new product licenses, so your Proparse license purchase still has value even though Proparse is now free.

We first started selling Proparse in 2001, so it's had a pretty decent run as a commercial product. We're looking forward to seeing how it does as open source.

John and Judy at Joanju dot com

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Prolint/Proparse on Linux

Is there a way to setup Proparse to run on Linux?

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Prolint/Proparse on Linux

Hello johnz, thanks for asking. Proparse is written in Java, so it by itself can be run on any platform with java support. Prolint on the other hand is written in ABL and requires the .Net version of Proparse, which means Windows only. I'm not aware of any simple or practical ways around this.

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Proparse free and open source !?!?

Wow this is incredible news! Should be a front page story on every Progress related site and publication!!

I hope this does not mean that John and Judy are distancing from Proparse development/maintenance, but rather that this is the beginning of new opportunities for Proparse.

This could also be a boost for other open source projects too, to people who have the opinion that an open source project should not be dependent on a commercial product (which is not my opinion, by the way).

Many big thanks to John and Judy!!


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Re: Proparse free and open source !?!?

Good question. No, Judy and I are not distancing ourselves from Proparse. It is still the foundation for all of my work. Since my customers depend on it, it will still receive a lot of my attention. You are right - this is the beginning of new opportunities for Proparse.

Many thanks

Proparse is a very useful product, indeed.