Treeview of 4glTrace of the LOG-MANAGER?

Does anyone know about a program that would be a Treeview of the output created with LOG-MANAGER when at least the 4GLTRACE log entry type is activated ("à la Pro*Spy Plus" but with all the details from the LOG-MANAGER log)?

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Yes, I made one called prospy++

Will try to package it soon for PSDN. If you are really in hurry, I can send it to you as is. Just send me an email


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I'll wait for the package

Don't rush for me, I'll wait for your PSDN package.

By the way, thanks for all your tools.

I don't know of a program

I don't know of a program that does that, but I do know that there's a log-manager trace file parser on this site. Perhaps you could tweak that to suit what you're doing.