Yes, we do Subversion repository hosting

Yes, the Hive has always had Subversion repository hosting. It's not obvious, but it's true.

You can see what repositories already exist by looking here:

It's not integrated into Drupal in any way, at least not for now. The plug-ins that we looked at for integration were rather immature and not very compelling. We'll have to find some way to make it more obvious that SVN is available on the Hive.

A few of the project pages (like Prolint, ProRefactor, and PDF Include) have descriptions of how to access their own Hive SVN repositories. For example, the URL for ProRefactor's repository is: svn://

Creation of a Subversion repository is a simple automated process. Send me a message with your desired Subversion repository name, and I will automatically create it for you. :)


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SVN more obvious

We'll have to find some way to make it more obvious that SVN is available on the Hive

Would it help if we had a "Subversion" tab in the page header?

What also helps (perhaps) is translation: we can use the translation module to edit the labels on the Project pages so they mention Subversion instead of CVS.

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Translation.. done. I took

Translation.. done.

I took the liberty to get started and added a new language "oehive lingo" in the "locale" module. Then I translated a few lines so they now say "Subversion" instead of "CVS".

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Tab, etc.

I like the idea of a tab ... which seems to have mysteriously appeared ... perhaps leading to a top level book page which talks about it a little and contains a link to the repository itself. Then we could add book pages as needed to provide a how to, but the top level page should include the basic "start here".