Winconst tool (search Windows Constants)

The Win32 API contains many constants. contains a list of more than 14000 P4GL preprocessor definitions and a utility that helps to find dependencies.
For example, the constant WVR_REDRAW is defined as (WVR_HREDRAW | WVR_VREDRAW).

When you search for WVR_REDRAW in winconst.exe it will return

&GLOBAL-DEFINE WVR_REDRAW  ({&WVR_HREDRAW} + {&WVR_VREDRAW}) is freeware. So feel free to download it :-)
You have to be careful when you combine constants. In 3GL programming environments you would use the OR operator to combine constants, but in Progress we only have + to work with. This can make a difference. Also, we have no unsigned long integer. As a result, some values are converted to negative signed integers. Using these values together with the + operator instead of OR may give unexpected results.

Jeff Pilant writes on 11 Januari 2002:

I just saw a post on about this site:

It pointed out how to grab constants directly from the com object file.

The page talks about a microsoft provided program to do this. and his own program to convert this to 4GL along with samples for a number of MS products in

Changelog for winconst.i :

26 Nov 2002: many constants for MS-Access added by Jeff Pilant


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