PDFinclude failing with form fields

I've been using PDFinclude with great success, producing simple text reports in pdf format. Now I'm being asked to do it with templates and form fields.
I have a very basic pdf template, just a single sheet for identifying pallets (company name, address, order-#). I designed the form in OpenOffice, added form fields and exported as pdf.
I'm running PDFinclude under RHEL, and I used the code example shown in the PDFinclude PRO docs as a starting point. If I export it without form fields, the resulting pdf is right, everything is there from the original pdf.
If I export it using form fields, I get "No B_TT_Object record is available." and a corrupted pdf.
Has your new version corrected this? I have contacted you via messaging concerning getting the newer version, but as yet haven't received a reply.

Thank you for keeping PDFinclude going! Hope to hear from you soon.


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Hi JohnI just replied to

Hi John
I just replied to your email.
As I already said here pdfInclude v3 is very nitpicking about the pdf templates it can read, the result being corrupted pdfs and/or error messages like this one.
I rewrote the pdf parser in the new version 5.1 so that it can open any pdf template without any problem and replied to the mail you sent to me about this.