JPG Error?!

I have template pdf file which is created in LibreOffice Calc. I use below code but jpg logo disappeared on new pdf file...

RUN pdf_new ("Spdf","c:\temp\90Derece.pdf").

RUN pdf_open_PDF("Spdf","c:\temp\JPGError.jpg","Inv").

RUN pdf_new_page("Spdf").
RUN pdf_set_orientation("spdf","LANDSCAPE").
RUN pdf_set_PaperType("spdf","A4").
RUN pdf_set_LeftMargin("spdf",0.5).
RUN pdf_set_TopMargin("spdf",0.5).
RUN pdf_use_PDF_page("Spdf","Inv",1).

RUN pdf_close("Spdf").

I can see the jpg on template file. But it disappeared created pdf file by above 4GL code. Where am I wrong?...

Pdf template file is attached...


JPGError.pdf67.37 KB

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the open source version of

the open source version of pdfinclude is very picky for the templates it can open.
more often than never it cannot open it because it has not internally the exact format it is expecting.
the open source version in the oehive svn had been modified to work nicely up to openoffice 3.something. May be if you re-generate the template using a 3.x version of libre/openOffice, it would work.

this part (and much more) has been fully rewritten in the version I sell, in order to manage any pdf template, as long as it is a valid pdf file. contact me for more information if you're still having this problem.