I am trying to use this to get from a statement to the block for the statement. The doc says:

java.lang.Object getLink(java.lang.Integer key)

in the code I see things like

public Call getCall() { return (Call) getLink(CALL); }

but, if I try in ABL to say

mobBlockNode = cast(ipobNode:getLink(JPNode:BLOCK), BlockNode).

it tells me

Parameter 1 for METHOD getLink is not type compatible with its definition. (12905)

I have tried a bunch of things for JPNode:BLOCK including -214

So, what does it want?

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I don't know if this method

I don't know if this method is useful or not, but it seems like one of the few options to go from a JPNode to Block or something else that might provide additional information. Every variation I have tried gives me a compile message about the parameter being of the wrong type. E.g., I have tried


References to ipobNode as a part of the parameter complain that one needs to refer to the static.

Maybe this won't get me anywhere anyway, but it is frustrating me because I can't get anywhere to explore.