Getting Variable Information from the Symbol table

I am breaking this into a new thread because the issues here are specific to variables. In the same way that I pulled out the buffers from getAllSymbolsDeep(), I have now pulled out the variables and have figured out:
mobSymbol:fullName() and mobSymbol:getName() seem to be the same in all cases.
mobSymbol:getNumReads() and mobSymbol:getNumWrites() are very handy and will save me a lot of work
mobSymbol:isImported() means it is shared, but not new shared
mobSymbol:isExported() means it is new shared or new shared global
mobSymbol:getAsNode() <> ? and mobSymbol:getLikeNode() <> ? let me know if it is an AS or LIKE definition
mobVariable = cast( mobSymbol, Variable ). and mobVariable:getDataType():getProgressName() give me the datatype either way! (nice)
Which is most of what I want.

I don't yet see a way to tell if it is new shared global vs new shared unless it would be to actually traverse to the getDefineNode and parse that from scratch.

And, I am guessing that the way to determine what it is defined LIKE would be to navigate to the getLikeNode(), but I haven't tried that yet.

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OK, got the LIKE

OK, got the LIKE with:

So, my one big hole here is new shared vs new shared global.