Environment Could Not be Resolved

Struggling with my proparse instance. It was working last week and not sure what's changed, but in PDSOE (11.2.1) I'm getting reports that Environment could not be Resolved, and as soon as I Environment:instance(), my (Thomas's) program craps out with no error.

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This sounds like the

This sounds like the behavior I was getting with Use TTY as Runtime checked.

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You *are* exiting and

You *are* exiting and restarting PDSOE, aren't you?

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Yup I am. It's very strange

Yup I am. It's very strange because it started happening from one day to the next and I don't recall any changes.

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Well, it happened when you

Well, it happened when you tried the 1114 release from John that didn't work, so if you then replace this with the original 1114 release and didn't unblock the new copy, that would explain it.

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All up and running with 1117

All up and running with 1117 (ie the assemblies are all accepted) but I'm still getting the same error.

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John, got any suggestions

John, got any suggestions here? James has gone so far as to create a new workspace and gets as far as having the assemblies recognized, but then when he tries to run something, it is erroring out on the first reference. The guy I am working with at PSC tech support seems to have the same problem, although he never got his working and James setup used to work. Seems very mysterious.

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Just to confirm Use TTY is

Just to confirm Use TTY is not checked.