Prolint puts analyzed program in read-only mode


I'm having an issue regarding Prolint 74.
Every time I run it to lint a program, that program becomes read-only for the AppBuilder. If I try to modify and save the program file to lint it again I get this message from AB:

Cannot save to this file.

File is read-only or the path specified
is invalid. Use a different filename.

The strange thing is that I can modify and save the program file using notepad or other text editor while it is open in AB. The file gets blocked only in the AppBuilder, not in Windows. If I restart the Progress session, the file will be free to be altered again by the AppBuilder.

Can someone help me please? It's very annoying having to restart the Progress session every time you want to use Prolint.

Thanks in advance!

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Work-around by linting other file

We have the same issue. I think it's either the compile or proparse that does the locking.
We have prolint running in the background. I worked around this issue by making sure that the last file linted is an old source that no-one changes, that way the lock is on the old source.