DataDigger 17

DataDigger 17


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DataDigger 17

I've made a chui tool like this in 1995 i think it was progress 7, but this version is much better. congratulations.

Marco Aurelio

Datadigger 17

OE 10.2B06 Linux DB Windows Clients

I use Datadigger on a daily basis. I'm setting up v17 now. Some of the things it does well.

- Allows you to quickly fix data without having to write a query + update
- Gets you familiar with your data when you're designing a screen/report/browse
- Great way to backup a table (or query filtered table) before making a large change aka CYA backup + they're well named
- Good way to send example data to support using .d or .xls dump (although I usually do screenshots for support)
- Save your queries - quick left arrow to access your last query
- Save your column filters (always avail for next browse of table)
- Save table formatting changes - highlighted in red = easy to see - sometimes data overflows the format
- Has source code so you can view good programming examples
- Checks for changes in source + recompiles on each run

Easily the best non-Progress utility out there IMHO

New toys for DD17

OE 10.2B06 Linux DB Windows Clients

-Add button works
-Clone button - I clone records every now + then - now I can use DD
-View.txt - is a great option - good way to quickly view data without worrying about formatting - call it "Easy View" :)

-Auto-update from --- I'll keep an eye out for this - great feature