Index/search and external HTML

Project:The Hive project

- Need to find a way to index and search the Subversion repositories. The trick will be to avoid showing a different search result for every revision of a matching piece of code.
- Need a place for "generated" HTML, and need it to be indexed/searchable. For example, my user manual's HTML is generated from DocBook, and I also make my javadoc HTML viewable online. The amount of javadoc HTML is huge. Drupal does not have (that I know of) a mechanism for easily showing, indexing, and searching large volumes of generated HTML.

For now, I'm going to place my generated HTML in a subdomain, and we'll allow that for any other projects that need it too.


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I would hope that this is

I would hope that this is not stuff that you would want to show up in a Hive-wide search.