How to read data from a 3rd party device!!

Consider I have some devices connected to my system like RF-GUN or some other 3rd party devices, How can i get the data from that?

Also i need to know if there is some basic tutorials to start with this WINAPI Samples. I could find hands of examples from this forum, but to have a good start i hope a simple tutorials will do good. If anyone have basic tutorials on this can u please share it with me??? Plzzz guys...

Can anyone help me out???

Thanks in advance...

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The answer depends on the

The answer depends on the device. Some things connect to serial ports and get talked to like a terminal. Some have drivers. There is no generic answer.

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Re : How to read data from a 3rd party device!!

Thanks a lot for ur answer Tamhas. I need to know if i could get any tutorial which could give me a strong foundation on these concepts.

I don't find any path to proceed in this. If u show me a right path it should be fine.

Thanks in advance...

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No tutorial that I know of.

No tutorial that I know of. Like I said, it is very dependent on the specifics, so my best suggestion is to pick something and start asking questions about it specifically.

There is a manual in the standard manual set called Programming Interfaces which covers a lot of this stuff, so that is certainly a good place to read. But, what part is relevant depends on platform and device.

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Thanking u...

Thanks a lot for quick response...