I'm not sure where this should go, but it is part of a recent set of releases on PSDN code share, some of which had to do with Eclipse so I'm putting it here for now.


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why all these feeds?

Nothing indicates if this Perl distribution is different from the one from the official Perl website, or why this zipfile is even posted to the website.

As far as I am concerned it is spam, or maybe it isn't but I dont care to aggregate this. Ditto for the other posts by the same author (khowell) this week.

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These are all regular code

These are all regular code share feeds. They are posting a bunch of stuff up there for some reason ... I've been asking about it ... but the reason is not given by the accompanying text. As near as I can tell, it is done to make sure there is a clear source for some referenced materials. E.g., in Anthony's Fully Loaded whitepaper he gives a link for obtaining Eclipse 3.2.2 which is now out of date because that isn't the current Eclipse release. I gave him the link to the archive site, but the other option is to post the correct package on the PSDN site. The current Eclipse release has problems with OEA. BTW, this is why I demoted the many pages to book pages by topic in order to limit the noise on the site map. I have written to the PSDN folks suggesting that these entries are substandard, whatever their purpose.