Has anybody else noticed that the Hive now has over 1000 nodes (pages) of content?

As far as milestones go, I think this one is pretty nifty.


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re: Milestones

Yeah I noticed. I wanted to do something funny with node 1000, but then I noticed that node 1000 was a duplicate entry so I deleted it. That was not the funny thing I had in mind...

what is Node actually?

I am sorry, I am new to oehive so I don't know about node now, but I will for sure in a matter of days.
I already like oehive as more information can be found here about Progress applications. And I am interested in progress based applications.

-- abeen

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A node is basically a unit

A node is basically a unit of content. You could think of it as a page, but it is not called a page because there are many different kinds of content. If you click on Create Content on the right column menu, you will see a list of content types.

I'm glad you like the site.

Thank you very much


Thank you very much for your reply, it made me understand about node soon rather than exploring and wondering.