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PSDN Code Share ( is a resource for members of the Progress community to share source code with other Progress developers. We are aggregating here those items not otherwise duplicated on OE Hive and which seem to have on-going relevance

OpenEdge 10.1B01 Development Tools Source Code

This download contains the source files of the OpenEdge 10.1B01 AppBuilder product that was included in OpenEdge Release 10.1B commercial shipment.


Prolint is an open-source tool for developers to help improve the quality of your code. It reads and parses your source code looking for problem areas.

Log Based Memory Leak Finder

This program reads log files for logentrytype dynobjects and produces an output of those log file entries where objects were created, but not deleted.

"4GLTrace" LOG-MANAGER reporting program

Reads a LOG-MANAGER:LOG-ENTRY-TYPES = "4GLTrace" log report and generates a columnar report with the date, time, elapsed time per action, total elapsed time, action, action adjective, and remaining data.

Context Management Code Example

This sample code complements John Sadd's white paper Implementing the OpenEdge® Reference Architecture: 8: Context Management.

Database Statistics Tool

This tool helps the DBA to detect when the size limit for a storage area is approaching a physical (addressing) limit.

Query Manager

The query manager abstracts commonly-performed life-cycle management of static and dynamic queries, and browses into a standard block of 4GL / ABL code.

This enables a developer to compose a query filter with an arbitrary number of AND conditions by performing a RUN to add each filter condition to a given buffer of the query.

Widget Walker 1.06

The Widget Walker (also known as Widget Viewer and AttriVitoque) is a tool developed by Vito Imburgia at EMEA ETSC.

It helps a developer to preview what they can implement in 4GL (walking from one widget to another, changing an attribute, applying a method or an event) It's really effective when it is set in the proTools.

Pure4GLTv a clone of the MS treeview in pure ABL

This object provides an alternate solution to using a treeview OCX, and demonstrate the power of ABL to achieve fast and sophisticated UI Objects. It supports all the basic treeview features, as well as drag and drop, node moves, popup menu's, plus it can load nodes in a very fast way (1000 nodes in 0.73 seconds on a 2GHz CPU, so faster than the MS OCX).

pure4glTv works fine on Linux with Wine (where a few OCXs can make problems) so it helps to open the door to this configuration. The package includes sample code and documentation. Last update in January 2007. On July 2006: Restructuration regarding support of mulitple skins (XP Luna, Royale and Classic included). A few new API's like getSelectedNodeKey(). New expandAll functionality on '*' key.

AutoEdge After Market: Optimistic Locking change

By default, AutoEdge uses a "very" optimistic locking approach. That is, all changes are saved to the database without first checking to see if the modified record has in fact been changed. Here is one example of how optimistic locking could be implemented in AutoEdge.

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