PSDN Code Share

PSDN Code Share ( is a resource for members of the Progress community to share source code with other Progress developers. We are aggregating here those items not otherwise duplicated on OE Hive and which seem to have on-going relevance

Stylus Studio Adapter

The purpose of this service is to take the Stylus API and use it as a service on the ESB.

Basic eScript WebObject

The Basic eScript WebObject offers an alternative model for developing WebSpeed applications to those supplied with the Progress and OpenEdge products. Its offers a method of implementing a web user-interface in a way consistent with the model-view-controller (MVC) paradigm recommended by the OpenEdge Reference Architecture.

WebSpeed / URL Reporting Code Example

This code example shows how Crystal can retrieve data from an AppServer, reusing the existing business logic and security, just like the OpenEdge Reference Architecture prescribes.

ABL Calling Crystal + ActiveX Viewer

Eric Debeij, Sr. Product Consultant for Progress Netherlands, has constructed a ABL wrapper around the enormous wealth of possibilities of calls from Progress to Crystal. It offers a set of ABL applications which implement a very easy to use interface which takes care of all the hard stuff for you.

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