Marginal Tiete - progress game

I made this game to emulate Atari's Grand Prix.
You can use this code to view how to use dynamic objects and other functions like includes, and methods.

1. Extract all files,
2. Select car.p and right click, choose RUN under window's context menu or open it with progress procedure editor.

Skype me jaison.antoniazzi for questions.

Enjoy :D

Best regards,
Jaison Antoniazzi

Query based browser

Query based browser


Draw with ABL

Draw with ABL

Using existing pdf page with image.

Dear All,

I am using PDFInclude to create my pdf files.
I want to use existing pdf page with image to create new pdf file.
Is it possible? I am having problem with it.
Can any body help me.
Please reply as soon as possible.

Thanks and regards

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